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SDP Laksha Lalitha Sahasranama Stotra Parayana Mahayagnam

Dear Devotees,
On the occasion of Shirdi Sai Samadhi centenary (100th year) celebrations, Sai Datta Peetham is organizing Shri Lalitha Sahasranama stotra parayana MahaYagna. The goal of this mahayagna is to connect devotees from far & wide and get them to chant the maha stotram 100,000 times, for a common society cause – World Peace.

Signing up for Parayana:

Devotees all across the world can participate & contribute in this Yagna by registering with SDP (‘Signup’ in or in-person/phone at SDP). SDP will share the sankalpa mantra ( with such registered devotees. Devotees can choose to chant the Maha Stotra any appropriate time for any number of days for any number of times at their homes or at SDP all by themselves or as a group.

Parayana Procedure:

The stotra parayana can be performed in many sittings per day. Each sitting is defined by chanting the sankalpa mantra once, followed by any number of stotra parayana and gets concluded with neivedhyam (ie offering food) to SriMatha.Devotees are requested to chant the sankalpa mantra before starting their chanting of the Maha stotra.


A sankalpam is a divine mantra which our elders and forefathers have taught us to be able to invoke the five elements and connect our prayers (in this case the stotra parayana) towards the maha yagnam. Thus, any number of chanting multiplied by number of people who performed the chanting becomes the total count** of chanting for that sitting and can be added towards the maha sankhya (grand total) of the mahayagnam by updating such counts in SDP website (‘Update count’ in thus contributing towards the goal of this Mahayagna – to complete MahaStotra parayana 100,000 times.

** - If a group of 9 people chant the maha stotra thrice, this is equivalent to a single person chanting the maha stotra 27 (9 * 3) times.


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